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COVIM Analytics Platform

The development of protective immunity against infectious agents is a complex process that involves different components of the immune system. While some aspects of the immune response to infections and vaccinations can be measured with diagnostic routine tests, other components of the immune response can only be studied in specialized research laboratories. Especially for these specialized measurements, there is often a lack of widely recognized standardization, and thus a lack of comparability between laboratories and studies. In addition, these tests are not accessible to the majority of research groups and studies, but are necessary to generate reproducible and quantitative data on immunity to new pathogens like SARS-CoV-2. Our goal is to build a central immune analysis platform (Immuno-Analytics Platform) that offers a comprehensive portfolio of complementary high-end and high-throughput immuno-assays for precise, standardized determination of pathogen-specific immunity. The platform will be built as a prototype using SARS-CoV-2. The COVIM Analytics Platform will cover all aspects of immunity and establish standards and core structures that are accessible to all NUM partners. In addition, it will offer services in the field of immunogenetics. The COVIM Analytics Platform will be linked to the decentralized data analysis and swarm-learning Hub (WP5 COVIM ImmunoHub).