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COVIM – COllaboratiVe IMmunity Platform of the NUM

Immunity is the key to overcoming the pandemic

COVIM (COllaboratiVe IMmunity Platform of the NUM) is a nationwide network of leading scientists and clinicians from the fields of immunology, virology, clinical infectious diseases, epidemiology, and data science.

In the first funding phase, the COIVM consortium investigated immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 triggered by infection and vaccination to define the extent and duration of immunity against COVID-19. Simply put, we were investigating who, when, and how long one is protected against COVID-19.

To capture population immunity during a pandemic and identify high-risk populations, validated and standardized methods for measuring immunity in addition to suitable clinical studies and cohorts are required. Furthermore, a detailed understanding of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 allows for the development of new prophylactic and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19 based on the principles of protective immunity.

In the second funding phase, COVIM will establish and further develop scalable infrastructures and platforms for the rapid capture and analysis of complex data sets on immunity against COVID-19 and future pandemic threats. This will enable real-time information on the immunity status against pathogenic threats to be made available, allowing for quick reactions and scientifically supported decisions regarding possible interventions during an outbreak.

The overall project is an integral part of the Netzwerk Universitätsmedizin (NUM) and is closely linked to NUM infrastructures and other research projects.